June 13, 2024

06.27.18 Arrest Made in Car Burglary Crime Spree

Lieutenant Steve Dorris
Public Information Officer
(281) 420-6617
steve.dorris@baytown.org Rick Davis
City Manager
Baytown Police seeking public’s help identifying car burglary and auto theft suspects
***********UPDATE 6-27-18 @ 4:30 p.m.**********
Shortly after releasing the photos and video footage in this case yesterday, Baytown
Police Department Detectives, with the help of the public and our media partners,
identified the suspect as 20 year old Cade Cates of Baytown. Yesterday afternoon
Detectives began conducting surveillance on Mr. Cates and as a result located and
arrested him at a business in the 16900 block of Interstate 10.
At the time of his arrest Mr. Cates was in possession of the stolen Purple Chevrolet
Cobalt and what is believed to be the handgun seen in the surveillance footage, which
turned out to be stolen, as well as a second handgun that was also reported as stolen. Mr.
Cates was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine as well as numerous
pieces of property linking him not only to the burglaries in the Goose Creek Landing
Subdivision but also to several other burglaries in the Pinehurst and Chaparral Village
Mr. Cates has been charged through the Harris County District Attorney’s Office with
numerous felonies including, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Fraudulent
Possession of Identifying Information, multiple counts of Burglary of a Motor Vehicle,
which were enhanced to a felony and Auto Theft. Mr. Cates is currently being held in the
Harris County Jail without bail.
Detectives will be conducting follow up investigation over the next several days to
identify the owners of the property recovered and the identity of the other suspects that
were with Mr. Cates during this crime spree.
We would like to thank our community for their quick response to the videos and
photographs we sent out as well as thank our media partners for distributing that
information. The collaborative effort between the Baytown Police Department, our
community and our media partners, contributed to the quick identification and arrest of
Mr. Cates, which has without a doubt made our community a little safer.
The Baytown Police Department is currently investigating a series of auto burglaries and an
auto theft that occurred throughout the night Monday night and into the early morning hours
Tuesday in the Goose Creek Landing Subdivision.

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