January 21, 2018

09.15.17 Harris County DA’s Office Charged 30-Year-Old Cierra Sutton with Murder of Steven Coleman

Lieutenant Steve Dorris
Public Information Officer
Police seeking help in locating missing Baytown man
UPDATE 9-15-17@8:30 p.m.
On August 16th Baytown Police Detectives began investigating
the disappearance of 32 year old Steven Coleman of Baytown.
During the course of that investigation evidence was uncovered
that has led to murder charges being filed, through the Harris
County District Attorney’s Office, on 30 year Cierra Sutton for
the murder of Steven Coleman.
Our first priority is the safety of the public and as such
apprehending Ms. Sutton has been our top priority to this point.
Ms. Sutton was taken into custody late Thursday night in
Louisiana without incident and is currently in custody. This case
is still very active and detectives will be working throughout the
weekend uncovering details of the case.
Due to the nature of this case there is understandably going to be
questions however, in an effort to protect the integrity of this
ongoing investigation I respectfully reserve any further comments
about the details of the investigation until we are satisfied we
have completed our fact finding efforts.
I will be holding a press conference the first part of next week at
which time I hope to be able to provide some details of the
investigation and answer some of those questions. I will advise of
the day and time once it is determined. Your patience and
understanding with this is greatly appreciated.