May 18, 2024

04.23.24 Tragic Accident on Fisher Road at Highway 99 on Tuesday

On Tuesday evening, April 23, Mont Belvieu Police, DPS and Chambers County deputies responded to the scene of a tragic accident on Fisher Road at Highway 99 in Mont Belvieu. This vehicle being driven by a male hit the concrete wall on Highway 99 and became airborne.  The vehicle, which became ablaze, landed underneath Highway 99 on Fisher Road.  The male driver died on scene.  According to information gathered from an eyewitness at the scene, the vehicle had encountered an oncoming vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. That vehicle did not stop. The eyewitness said he tried to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher, but to no avail. Baytown Fire Department also responded to the scene.

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