December 5, 2023

03.21.16 BPD PR: Gunshot Victim and Vehicle Fatality


At approx. 3:22 a.m. on Saturday the 19th, police were dispatched to a multi-car crash on the northbound lanes of the Fred Hartman Bridge just inside the Baytown city limits. The crash scene also involved a car that hit a pedestrian in the roadway. The incident started when two vehicles, both travelling northbound, somehow collided, causing one of the vehicles to lose control and veer across several lanes and crash head-on into inside barrier. A 3rd car could not stop in time and crashed into the wrecked vehicle. An uninvolved “Good Samaritan”, 50 year old Baytown man Marco Peralta, stopped to help direct traffic away from the crash site. Unfortunately, a 4th vehicle did not see Peralta directing traffic and struck him. Peralta was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the vehicle that struck Peralta is 28 year old Baytown man Anthony Anatra. Anatra smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, impaired balance and bloodshot eyes. He refused a sobriety test. The investigating officer obtained a warrant and had samples of Anatra’s blood retrieved at a local hospital. Anatra was charged with Misdemeanor A Driving While Intoxicated. This is enhanced from a Misdemeanor B charge due to a previous conviction for the same crime. The conclusion of the crash investigation and results of the blood draw will determine if charges of Intoxication Manslaughter will be filed on Anatra. Mug shot attached.


At 3:27 a.m. 29 year old Keyanna Gardiner and her 28 year old friend Samone Massey traveled to Allen Dale Edward’s home in the 1500 block of Southwood Drive. Gardiner and Edwards are an estranged couple that have a lengthy history of child custody disputes. Gardiner and Massey allegedly broke a bedroom window on Edward’s home before fleeing in a white SUV. Edwards retrieved a handgun and began chasing the white SUV in his own car. The two cars travelled south on business 146 toward the Fred Hartman Bridge and were on the southbound flyover when Edwards pulled in front of the white SUV and stopped, causing the SUV to crash into the rear of his car. Edwards exited his car and began firing his gun. One of the bullets stuck Gardiner in the chest causing her death. A Precinct 8 deputy constable happened to drive upon the scene and took Edwards into custody. Samone Massey was taken by ambulance to Benn Taub Hospital for the injuries she sustained from the crash and alleged physical assault from Edwards. Late Saturday night, detectives charged Allen Dale Edwards with Murder.

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