April 24, 2024

11.04.22 Three News Stories/Baytown

Story 1: Sing vehicle accident occurred Tuesday night. The male victim was transported to the hospital. No other details available.

Story 2: Male had to be tased during apprehension by Baytown police. The male was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Story 3: 2022-55236 – (Robbery)

  • Officers were dispatched to a robbery that had just occurred in the 2300 block of Taft Dr.
  • The victim and Communications were able to provide a description of the suspects and the victim’s vehicle the assailants had just stolen at gunpoint.
  • The victim had just parked her vehicle and was walking to her apartment when two young Black males confronted her. One of the two pointed a handgun at her and demanded her car keys, which she gave to them.
  • The victim requested if she could keep her house key and the assailants did give the victim her house key.
  • While still talking to the victim, officers searching the area stopped the victim’s vehicle in the 2900 block of N. Main St. and both occupants were detained without incident.
  • Both occupants were positively identified as the robbers who terrified the victim and stole her car at gunpoint.
  • very realistic looking BB gun was found in the car along with some marijuana.
  • Charges of Aggravated Robbery were accepted on Brian White (mug attached) and a 16 year old Baytown resident.
  • Case Status: Closed.

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