June 13, 2024

10.14.23 Follow-up/Baytown SWAT (Correction: 700 rounds of ammunition/not pounds)

Case #2023-49446 – Drug/Narcotics Possession
On October 4, 2023, the Baytown Police Department Special Investigations Division (SID) Narcotics Unit obtained a search warrant for 1900 block of Ontario Street, Baytown, Harris County, Texas.  BPD SID has been investigating this location as part of our ongoing mission targeting violent crime and narcotics sales.  BPD SWAT in conjunction with SID executed the search warrant on this date without incident.  As a result of the operation a felony amount of marijuana and multiple types of prescription medications were seized, as well as more than a pound of suspected synthetic cannabinoids.  Additionally, over 700 rounds of ammunition and 8 firearms were seized, including a stolen handgun.
As a result of this operation, the following subjects were charged with Possession of Marijuana-State Jail Felony:
21 year-old Baytown resident, Hunter Hammons
18 year-old Baytown resident, Benjamin Quevedo-Mata
17 year-old male of Baytown
Additionally, a fourth subject was arrested for open outside agency arrest warrants:
21 year-old Baytown resident, Brianna McIntosh – 3 x Deer Park warrants
10 dogs were found at the residence and turned over to Baytown Animal Control.  Also, 4 deceased puppies were found inside a freezer at the residence and Baytown Animal Control was notified.

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