May 18, 2024

08.15.23 Five News Stories/Baytown

Story 1:  On Monday, August 14th, a motorcycle accident occurred on Garth Road at Park.  The male operator of the motorcycle was airlifted to a Houston hospital. No other information is available.
Story 2:  Five people were transported to the hospital following major crash on Garth Road.  No other information is available.
Story 3:  A collision between a Baytown city truck and a pickup occurred on Lanier Drive.  No life threatening injuries were sustained.
Story 4:  A pickup truck occupied by a family experienced a blowout causing truck to flip upside down. The accident occurred on I-10. No major injuries were sustained.
Story 5:  Baytown fire department was dispatched to Haddon Road. Upon arriving they found bales of hay on fire.  Mutual aid was supplied by Crosby Fire Department.  The fire was extinguished after approximately 7 hours. 

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