September 24, 2022

08.08.22 Three Men Taken Into Custody After Traffic Stop

Official Baytown Police Press Release (08.09.22)

2022-39798 – Weapons Violation

  • Driver failed to use turn signal. Officer initiated traffic stop and activated the overhead red and blue lights. Vehicle entered parking lot and parked in parking space.
  • As officer approached parked vehicle, he observed three males inside vehicle. Officers made contact with driver, the stock of a rifle was seen leaning against driver’s right leg. Driver also had an unholstered handgun on the floorboard between his feet. The front seat passenger also had a rifle. An unholstered handgun was found under the rear side of the front passenger seat. 
  • Driver’s handgun was reported stolen out of Palm Beach Sherriff’s Office in Florida.
  • Driver = 21-year-old from Baytown, Nicholas Cisneros; Harris County ADA accepted Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon charge on Cisneros.
  • Front Passenger was released.
  • Rear passenger = 19-year-old from Baytown, Damian Colon; Harris County ADA accepted Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon charge on Colon.

Shortly after 7 pm tonight, Baytown police made a traffic stop on North Main in Baytown.  Three males were taken into custody. Some of the items found in the suspects’ white Charger were two automatic rifles and a handgun.  Check back for the official Baytown Police press release.

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