January 21, 2018

10.06.17 Man Arrested On Rollingbrook Early This Morning

2017-58149 – On October 6th at 12:44 a.m., officers responded
to a report of a one vehicle hit and run accident in the 600 block
of Rollingbrook. Upon arrival in the area officers found the
vehicle involved, a pickup truck, in the middle of the road and
witnesses alerting them that the driver of the vehicle had fled
on foot on Greenway. Officers quickly located the subject,
identified as 45 year old John Adkinson of Baytown, walking
on Greenway and he quickly ran upon seeing officers. Mr. Adkinson
refused to comply with officers’ commands to stop and instead
continued to attempt to evade officers. Officers continued
to pursue Mr. Adkinson on foot and at one point Mr. Adkinson
tripped and fell, which exposed a pistol tucked into the waistband
of his pants. At this time one of the officers immediately deployed
his department issue Taser, which made contact with Mr. Adkinson,
rendering him immobile and allowing officers to safely take him into
custody. Mr. Adkinson was transported to the Baytown Jail where
officers contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office,
who accepted charges on Mr. Adkinson for Evading on Foot.