January 21, 2018

Update Concerning Baytown Police Officer Robert Ramlal (09.21.17)


On Wednesday March 29, 2017, Baytown Police Officer Robert Ramlal #153 responded to a shoplifter call, that was updated to a robbery, the suspect was assaulting an employee. When Officer Ramlal arrived on scene the unthinkable happened, he was brutally attacked by a pitbull. Robert was severely bitten on the leg, buttocks, arm and hand. He fought to get out of the dogs death grip, in fear for his life he had no choice but to go for his duty weapon, incapacitating the dog.

Robert was transported to Hermann Memorial Hospital where he was advised he had to have surgery to repair the extensive damage to the tendons in his hand.

Robert has since had the surgery and is now on his long road to recovery, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Robert has served the citizens of Baytown and the State of Texas, honorably for nine years. However, Robert serves an even greater role as a husband and father to a beautiful family.

Many have asked how they can help so this account has been set up for those that feel moved to help our brother.

Robert and his family greatly appreciate your love and prayers in this time.

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