January 21, 2018

08.10.17 Former Baytown Police Officer Arrested

> 2017-45008 – On July 31st, 2017 at
> 5:04 p.m., a Baytown officer was working a secondary job
> directing traffic at the intersection of West Baker and
> Carter Road. While doing so the officer attempted to stop
> the traffic flow west bound on Baker when a dark colored
> pick up approached the intersection where the officer was
> standing and did not appear to have any intentions of
> stopping. The officer jumped out of the way and the driver
> of the vehicle applied his brakes at the last minute
> stopping just feet before striking the officer. When the
> officer approached the vehicle to contact the driver,
> identified as 76 year old Kendall Williamson of Baytown, Mr.
> Williamson appeared angry and became belligerent and
> uncooperative. As the officer continued to try to direct
> traffic Mr. Williamson continued honking his horn and
> shouting profanities at the officer, all while revving his
> engine and lunging his vehicle towards the officer in an
> aggressive manner. After this continued for several minutes
> the officer approached Williamson and instructed him to exit
> the vehicle, which he refused to do, offering active
> resistance and at one point grabbing the officer’s wrist
> as she reached in the open driver side window to unlock the
> door. As the officer attempted to break free from his grasp
> Mr. Williamson attempted to put the vehicle in drive. At
> this point the officer was able to get one hand free and
> retrieve her Department issue Taser and simultaneously free
> her other hand. At the same time Mr. Williamson placed his
> vehicle in gear, the officer deployed her Taser at Mr.
> Williamson, and once the Taser probes made contact with Mr.
> Williamson he slammed on his brakes. At this time, with the
> assistance of other officers who had arrived on scene, they
> were able to place the vehicle in park. However Mr.
> Williamson continued to refuse to exit the vehicle, forcing
> the officers to physically remove Mr. Williamson from the
> truck. Mr. Williamson was subsequently transported to San
> Jacinto Hospital where he was admitted for evaluation as a
> precautionary measure. The Harris County District
> Attorney’s office was contacted and charges of Resisting
> Arrest were accepted on Mr. Williamson.