January 21, 2018

08.01.17 Baytown Police Respond to Shooting Incidents on Northwood (SEE UPDATE CLARIFICATION BELOW)

08.01.17 Update Clarification…..
Clarification Concerning the Shooting Incidents Last Night: Baytown Police did investigate two shootings that occurred last night. One shooting occurred on Northwood and the victim was transported to San Jacinto Emergency Room where police investigated. The other incident occurred on Greenswood Street. The victim, who accidentally shot himself, also went to the San Jacinto Emergency Room. See official press release below:
17-45120 – (From Lt. Steve Dorris/BPD) On July 31st at 11:53 p.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting victim at the San Jacinto Hospital. During the investigation officers learned the victim, a 21 year old Baytown man, was at his residence in the 4300 block of Queenswood where he was cleaning his 9mm handgun. While doing so he accidentally shot himself in the hand. There was no further police action.

From Lt. Dorris: Below are the details from the first shooting.
2017-45116 – On July 31st at 11:20 p.m., officers responded to a report of a shooting that had occurred in the 1200 block of Northwood. During the investigation it was learned that the shooting was self-inflicted and does not appear to be life threatening.