January 21, 2018

04.10.17 Suspect Identified in Death of Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood

2017- 19862
Suspect identified in death of Assistant Chief Deputy Clint
Update 4-10-17
Exactly one week ago, Assistant Chief DeputyClinton Greenwood,
was senselessly gunned down as he arrived at work at the Court
Annex located at 701 West Baker here in Baytown.
Since the day of this homicide, we have had numerous agencies
assisting with the investigation, including investigators from not
only the Baytown Police Department, but also from the FBI, U.S.
Marshals Service, Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force, DPS,
Texas Rangers, Harris County Sheriff’s Office as well as The Harris
County District Attorney’s Office.
Late last night investigators developed information identifying
Assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood’s killer as 64-year-old William
Francis Kenney of Houston. Information was also developed that
indicated, Mr. Kenny may be in the downtown area. This prompted
us to send personnel to the downtown area to attempt to locate Mr.
Kenny. At the same time investigators were continuing to work the
investigative process. During this process investigators learned that
Mr. Kenny appears to have taken his own life on Tuesday morning,
approximately 24 hours after the murder. Investigators have also
learned that the weapon Mr. Kenny used to take his own life is
consistent with the weapon used in the murder of Assistant Chief
Deputy Greenwood.
This outpouring of help and support in this investigation is not only
a testament to the level of commitment and dedication of the men
and women who worked on this case, but also to the impact
Assistant Chief Deputy Greenwood’s life had on many of us in this
profession and the community. We want to express our gratitude for
the tremendous help we received from the public and local business
owners who assisted in locating video surveillance of Mr. Kenny. As
most of you are aware, this was an instrumental part of our